Hearing Service Peer Support

Online Dictionaries

Collins online French / English https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-french (and use the built-in browser tools to zoom etc if required). If you have access to Google Chrome browser the ‘SpeakIt’ extension will read aloud highlighted words and sentences – there are European French male and female voices for free.   Franklin Bilingual French / English Electronic Dictionary: http://amzn.eu/axB7FHh (screen… Read more Online Dictionaries

Visual Impairment Sport Engagement Day

Scottish Disability Sport is working in partnership to provide a National event exclusively for children, young people and adults with visual impairments from across Scotland. Sports on offer throughout the day are: athletics, cycling, football, goalball, judo and swimming. Date:            Saturday 11th November, 2017 Venue:         Scotstoun Leisure Centre, 122 Danes Drive, Glasgow, G14 9HD… Read more Visual Impairment Sport Engagement Day

Airyhall Peer Support P4-7

Unfortunately the lady who was going to be doing Hip Hop dance at the Peer Support Event was ill on the day.  However the children still had fun playing some indoor games at Airyhall.  They played giant snakes and ladders, twister and skittles as well.

Satrosphere Peer Support P1-P3

The children had lots of fun on their trip to Satrosphere.  They attended a Bubble Workshop where they enjoyed being inside a giant bubble!  They also had a chance to look round the exhibits and try them out.