Vision Support Parents Information Evening

We held a joint Parents’ Information Evening on the 5th May with Aberdeenshire Sensory Support Service, the RNIB and the NDCS.  We were delighted to see so many parents/families at the evening and from the feedback we received afterwards, people really enjoyed the event.
We had 2 speakers who were past pupils who told us about their experiences at College and University and the world of work. They were very positive , telling us of their successes and also making us laugh with tales of their tribulations. What positive role models! One of our older pupils also told us about her involvement with Haggeye and how she has built up her confidence through membership of the group.  Her mum was equally positive too.  Mo Colvin from RNIB then told us more about Haggeye and the newly launched Junior Haggeye.  There was a lot of interest  expressed in both these groups.
At coffee time parents and young people had the chance to mingle and talk to each other, staff and speakers.
Feedback has been really positive about it being a really useful and enjoyable evening.