A big thank you to Aberdeen Lions Club for their continuing generosity

The pupils and staff of the Vision Support Service would like to thank Mr Ally Spence & everyone at Aberdeen Lions Club for their donation of £250.

 We will use this to help fund peer support activities.  This year we have several groups.  We are bringing children together to learn how to use iMovies so that they can make short videos about themselves to explain their eye conditions and what they need to be successful in school and life.  So far the youngsters have really enjoyed this.  We also have two groups coming together to discuss the ups and downs of transitioning to secondary school or to college and the world of work.  Again, young people find these helpful and confidence building.  This very welcome donation will help us build in fun activities and treats to make these experiences more memorable, as well as helping us to buy iPads to develop the  IT skills our young people will need for school and work.

 It means a great deal to staff and pupils that Aberdeen Lions continue to remember us and are so generous.  Many thanks again.