Sensational play for pre-school children

Children will have great fun with new toys to play with and new experiences to explore. To find out more, please see below:

Our Sensory Playgroup for Pre-School children will be starting on Thursday 7th February 2019 from 10:00am until 11:00am.

We are running two four week blocks which will include a different themed session each week with a variety of sensory materials to explore around the theme. This includes different textured materials of messy and dry play materials to provide a variety of options for individual preference.

The group encourages participation and builds tolerance of tactile experience of more unfamiliar textures but is child-led so will focus on the child’s interests and go at each individuals pace.

The group also involves use of sensory stories and is suited to individual communication needs with use of picture symbols, interactive materials and objects of reference.

It will take place in the soft play and sensory room and there will be time for free play and relaxation in these areas.

Two SensationALL staff members will provide support throughout the group.

The cost for this is £5 per session. The group size is usually around 4-6 pre-school aged children.

To register your interest please contact SensationALL at, we will then contact you to confirm your place and the dates.

T:  01224 746699