Positive Eye Support for the community during COVOID19


Here are their plans to support the community during the situation we all find ourselves in:

1.     Weekly Creative Workshop: THE IDEA MACHINE – shared on social media here is the text from the ad:

Come and share the love and creativity. Feel inspired and uplifted. Gwyn is full of hope, joy, enthusiasm and energy and has a bundles of ideas

She is the IDEA MACHINE!  Gwyn is planning great things for her online creative workshop and will be giving you some fun things to do between workshops, or just join and watch! Like the sound? You won’t look back!

Join Gwyn at 7.00 pm GMT. Monday 23rd March 2020

Theme for the first 5 weeks: FUN FAMILIES!

If you would like to join please email me so that I can send the link to you. Any parents are also welcome to join. Please share the information.


2.     Free resources for you to share, or use specifically to support your families. I have selected some of my many from across the places I have them shared and brought them together in one place. There are a lot more out there, but here on this link are a selection to choose from, or you can share the whole set!



The latest information about the classes running for the duration of the time we are in the COVID19 situation. This is the link, you need to be on Facebook to take part or you can access on my site afterwards if you check there I will save and position there also.

It is a structured class approach, with a fun doable aim for all. Everyone is welcome and this won’t just be focussed on children with VI but will be inclusive of them along with everyone else. There will be preparation tasks, participation in the class and then some fun things to do after.

We will be making online and telling stories, dressing up and doing funny voices. To gain the best from this, it is advisable to join all sessions.  It will brighten your day that is for sure!

Please see the link below and also you can watch the video I have made to introduce what will be happening on YouTube I have included this link also.

https://www.facebook.com/PositiveEyeIdeaMachine/  this is where the classes are taking place


and the link to a page of resources put together for you to be able to access and share with your families during this time




The link below is to the recording of Positive Eye’s Idea Machine Week 1,Class 1 on the 23.3.2020.


I will continue to share the link following each recording. To gain the most from this series I would encourage everyone to watch each one as I post them as they are sequential and linked to a specific children’s story. There will be over time activities for families to do, things they can make and do. The aim is to make this as accessible as possible and to share with as many as possible, so I am doing everything I can to make these as inclusive as I can for the whole family. It may not fit an individual need specifially as this is to complex for me to do.

The next session is on Wednesday 25th March 2020 GMT time. I will share the recording on my site after this. I am not sure how long the links last from Facebook so would encourage watching the recordings fairly promptly.



Please see latest story session for you:

We enjoyed Super Star time, Birthday Shout Outs, Listening to three sisters who have made a special recording of Happy Birthday as they wanted to show love and support for this event and we went to see Fishman Phil, meeting Little Shiny Fish and the Big Bumpy Fish along the way. I made strawberries, tomatoes and Veg Man Vernon ready for our next story session on Wednesday. Everyone is welcome to join this heartwarming story. The activities to extend the story and the photographs of the items I have made today are all located below the video recording on this page.

Please do share, I hope this reaches as many as possible.

Positive Eye Idea Machine Session 4 Recording 30.3.2020