A free online service that provides curriculum materials for children and young people with a print disability in the UK has been revamped.
RNIB Bookshare: UK education collection (formerly known as Load2Learn) provides curriculum materials to students who are unable to read print, including those with vision impairment or dyslexia.
The new platform offers an increased number of book titles as well as new features such as reading apps and reading lists. Resources available include books, images and advice on how to adapt classroom materials.
FREE for
* Early Years centres
* Schools, Colleges and Universities
* Sensory Support Teams
* Adult Learning Centres
* Supporting print-disabled learners in the UK
* Access to thousands of books
* Access to over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille
* Add learners to your account
* Find and request books for your learners
* Assign books to your learners’ reading lists
* Empower your learners to read on their own, using free reading tools
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World Book Day

World Book Day is proud and delighted to announce that this year’s £1 books are available in braille and large print books.

All of this year’s books are available from Blind Children UK and the RNIB.

All ten of our titles will be available in both Braille and Audio (CD) to any child who is blind, partially sighted or print impaired. If you would like to request a copy of a World Book Day 2016 title in Braille or Audio (CD), please call the RNIB on 0303 123 9999. If you would like to request a copy of a World Book Day 2016 title in large print, please visit Blind Children UK or call them on 0118 983 8275.

What’s more, RNIB are hoping to have all titles available to loan from the RNIB Library on the same day as publication in shops, meaning everyone will get to join in the excitement and discovery of new (and familiar) titles and authors, at the same time.

ClearVision Logo

ClearVision is a postal lending library of children’s books, designed to be shared by visually impaired and sighted children and adults.  They provide books

“Our books all have braille, print and pictures. This allows children with little or no sight to share books with their sighted friends and family, and adult braille readers to enjoy stories with sighted children. There are over 14,000 books in the collection, catering for children from birth until they’re independent readers. We have fiction and non-fiction in uncontracted (grade 1) and contracted (grade 2) braille and Moon – everything a young reader could want from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Peppa Pig to Katie Morag, Dick King-Smith and books about space.”

visit their website – – for more information.

Seeing Ear

WHAT WE DO – We have a free online library for visually impaired readers. You can join our library now and start accessing our books straight away. We are also running a Big Lottery project to encourage school children to be Seeing Ear school librarians.OUR LIBRARY – Our library is available to people who are unable to enjoy reading a book because they are blind, visually impaired, have print blindness due to dyslexia or are physically impaired.All our books are available in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, plain text and Braille. The books in Microsoft Word format are marked up in order to make it as easy as possible to customise the book to suit the way you want to read them.

blind children uk logo

Blind Children UK’s CustomEyes service produces tailor-made large print books for children and young people up to and including age 25 with a visual impairment or Dyslexia.

You can choose from almost 4,000 large print books with new titles being added monthly. These books open up a whole world of imagination and learning, by enabling visually impaired children and young people to read the same books as their sighted friends and classmates.

Books available include picture books, fiction, non-fiction, Oxford Reading Tree, GCSE and A Level English texts and textbooks, plus revision guides for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

The books are tailor made to suit each child or young person.

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Calibre Audio Library is a national charity providing a subscription-free service of unabridged audio books for adults and children with sight problems, dyslexia or other disabilities, who cannot read print.


Living Paintings Logo

Living Paintings is a FREE library producing tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people.

They publish titles suitable for anyone from pre-school to adult.  Their wide and growing range is designed to provide education and life-long learning, enhance lifestyle and support leisure interests.

They distribute these Touch to See books through their free postal library.