Hearing Support Service

The Hearing Support Service is part of the Sensory Support Service.  It consists of Aberdeen School for the Deaf and the Peripetetic Service.  It provides specialist support for children and young people (0-18) with varying degrees of hearing loss.  The aim is to provide educational support which sets the highest level of expectation and enables children and young people to reach their full potential.

Who we are…

  • The Hearing Support Service (HSS) is made up of a team of experienced teachers who specialise in working with people with a hearing loss.
  • Pupil Support Assistants who are experienced in working with pupils with a hearing loss.
  • Aberdeen School for the Deaf

Who we work with…

  • Babies, children and young people with a hearing loss from birth to school leaving age.
  • Parents, carers and families.
  • Staff in education.
  • Staff in other agencies including health, social work and voluntary organisations.

What we do…

  • Support children at home, in their school or pre-school settings.
  • Give advice and support to children, families and professionals to enable children to be fully included.
  • Teach children individually or in groups.
  • Encourage children to become independent learners and support them in finding the ways of learning that suit them best.
  • When possible we can attend Audiology with families/carers.
  • Teach and support children in ASFD/Sunnybank Primary