Vision Support Service

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Or contact by phone on: 07717 447 111

What is the Vision Support Service?

The Vision Support Service (VSS) is part of the Sensory Support Service.  It consists of the VSS base at Brimmond School & the peripatetic service.  It provides specialist support for children and young people (0-18) with varying degrees of visual impairment.  It aims to provide educational support which sets the highest level of expectation and enables children and young people to reach their full potential.

Who we are…

The Vision Support Service (VSS) is made up of a team of experienced teachers and pupil support assistants who specialise in working with children and young people with Visual Impairment.

Who we work with…

  • Babies, children and young people with a visual impairment from birth to school leaving age.
  • Parents, carers and families.
  • Staff in education.
  • Staff in other agencies including health, social work and voluntary organisations.

What we do…

  • Support children at home, in their school or pre-school settings and in the VSS Base at Brimmond School.
  • Give advice and support to children, families and professionals to enable children to be fully included.
  • Teach children individually or in groups.
  • Encourage children to become independent learners and support them in finding the ways of learning that suit them best.

What we provide…

  • We support children and work closely with teachers and education staff.
  • We advise on or provide adapted curriculum materials as appropriate e.g. enlarged, braille and audio texts and specialist equipment.
  • We provide specialist training in key skill areas e.g. low vision aids, assistive technology, adaptive software and alternative study methods.
  • We advise on alternative arrangements for testing and exam situations, on subject choice and post-school options.
  • We provide support in times of transition e.g. nursery to Primary 1, Primary to Secondary and Secondary to Further/Higher Education or work.
  • We deliver vision awareness training for children, staff and other professionals.
  • We organise mobility training and advise schools and other establishments on accessibility issues.
  • Information and resources for pupil projects e.g. ‘vision’ within a topic on The senses.

How can I access this support?

Anyone can refer a child/young person to the Vision Support Service.

The VSS will contact parents/carers to seek their permission to carry out an assessment.  In consultation with parents/carers and other professionals, the VSS team will assess the child’s functional vision and make recommendations for future planning and provide ongoing support.

To make a referral or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email address or via our Head of Service, Alison Price, at